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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 12, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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capitol compromise. the house gets ready to vote on a budget measure aimed at avoiding future fiscal standoffs between republicans and democrats. trouble at more than a million feet above the earth. a mechanical problem forces part of the international space station to power down with six astronauts on board. and to the rescue. a pair of good samaritans pull a driver from a fiery wreck. captioning funded by cbs pulls a driver from this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, december 12, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, the house is expected to vote on a bipartisan government bipartisan agreement that would prevent a government shutdown for two years. the senate is expected to take up the measure next week and the
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deal is expected to pass, but it's not without its critics which prompted an angry reply from the house speaker. susan mcginnis is in washington with more. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. despite some grumblings, it is looking this morning like enough house republicans will support this plan to get it through the house during that vote that's expected today, and that's largely because of all of the blame the gop shouldered from the last government shutdown in october. but still there is that extreme right wing of the party that remains in no mood to compromise. the harshest criticism came from groups that raise money for conservative candidates. the club for growth said the plan was made up of budgetary smoke and mirrors. heritage action called the deal a step backwards, and both say they'll hold republicans who vote for the compromise accountable. those statements blasting the deal got this response from a frustrated and angry house speaker john boehner. >> they're using our members and they're using the american
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people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. listen. if you're for more deficit reduction, you're for this agreement. >> the agreement reverses $63 million in across-the-board spending cuts across the board for two years and saves $85 billion over ten years, but the congressional budget office estimates say it would increase the deficit over the next two years by $41 billion. house chairman paul ryan briefed members yesterday, but clearly some of ryan's fellow republicans aren't feeling very good at all. >> i just don't think we should be increasing spending and increasing next year's deficit from the projected deficit. >> i'm really undecided. i haven't decided whether i'm going to be a really strong no or just a no. >> it could be hillary's second term before you could actually achieve what was noted as a real deficit reduction. >> now, for a lot of republicans, this comes down to
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perception. they can pass a compromise they don't like and then reject it and then be blamed for obstructing progress. anne-marie? >> thank you, susan. house budget chairman paul ryan, one of the authors of the compromised budget deal will discuss the agreement later on on "cbs this morning." now, it's been an all-nighter in the senate. the senate is dealing with 11 of president obama's judicial nominees, but republicans are holding up the votes as payback for the last month's change in majority rules by the democrats. by reducing the number of votes needed to end a filibuster, democrats weakened the republicans' ability to nominate the nominees. if they use all of their allotted debate time, the senate could be in session through the weekend. and this morning nasa is trying to figure out what caused a cooling pump on the international space station to malfunction. there's no danger to the six crew members. the problem forced nasa to shut down nonessential equipment in the lab complex including some research gear.
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it's believed a valve inside the pump is the irv, and it may require a spacewalk to fix the problem. the trainee pilot at the controls of the asiana 777 that crashed last year in san francisco told investigators he was stressed about the landing because an automatic runway system was not working. the national transportation safety board held a 12-hour hearing on the crash yesterday. jeff pegues reports. >> reporter: this airport camera video leased by the ntsb shoes a clear flight of asiana flight 214 hit the wall, caught fire, and spun around. a trainee captain was flying the 777 during its final approach in san francisco. a more senior instructor pilot was next to him. in the final two minutes of the flight, a transcript of the cockpit flight report shows a
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pilot in the jump seat. sink rate, he called out. yes, sir, answered the trainee captain, but the conversation grew more frantic as the electronic system called out. 200 said the electronic voice. it's low said one of the pilots. seconds later the pilot's control sticks shook a warning that the plane was flying too low to stay in the air. 40 said the system. 30, 0 expletive. the instructor pilot said, go around. 20 said the system. go around said the trainee captain, but it was too late. a second later the plane crashed. the instructor pilot told ntsb investigators he expected the aircrafts computerized auto throttle system to maintain the proper speed, but what none of the pilots realized is they had inadvertently put the auto throttle on hold. ntsb deborah hersman. >> we do have an issue in aviation that needs to be dealt
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with with respect to aviation and performance when it comes to interaction between the aircraft and the human being. we can always do better. >> reporter: the trainee captain told the ntsb that he was, quote, very concerned about making his first 777 landing at san francisco international airport where a landing aid called a glide slope was not in service at the airport at the time, forcing him to make what's called a visual approach. that was, in his words, a, quote, very stressful factor. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. nelson mandela will be buried sunday at his home village. today is the second of three days his body is lying instate in south africa's capital pretoria. thousands of south africans continue to file by his casket. alphonso van marsh is in pretoria. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. it has been one week since nelson mandela died in his johannesburg home surrounded by family.
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as you mentioned today is the second of three days he lies instate behind me here in the nation's capital. nelson mandela's body made the slow procession from the military hospital in pretoria to the union buildings where he will lie instate for a second day. thousands are waiting in line for hours to see the body. it's a long process for a brief moment with their former pretty. former president. >> it's a good feeling to say good-bye to him. it's a very good feeling. but it's a very fast process. >> reporter: tens of thousands are making what many call a pilgrimage to say good-bye to nelson mandela, coming not just from across south africa but around the world. >> i do consider nelson mandela a saint. >> reporter: anglican priest michael battle raised money to travel to be part of the celebration. the american first met him in the 1990s while working on his doctorate. >> nelson mandela shook my hand and took a lot of interest in me. it's just like my father passing
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away. you don't let circumstances get in the way of going to mourn and honor a life of someone so close to you. >> reporter: that's the sentiment shared by so many mourners here for an emotional farewell to the man they respectfully called tata or father. now, nelson mandela's body will be moved to qunu where there l be a state burial and funeral service on sunday. he'll be buried with three of his children. back you do, anne-marie. >> alphonso van marsh in pretoria. thank you very much, alfonso. nelson mandela's funeral tuesday, a sign language scandal. they say the interpreter who stood a few feet from world leaders was a fake. experts say all he did was randomly flap his arms. he claimed today he had an episode of schizophrenia while on stage. south africa's government says they have no idea who he is, but last year he signed an event attended by south african president jacob zuma.
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well, coming up on the "morning news," cabin chatters. cell phone calls may soon be allowed during flights, but not all travelers are welcoming the idea. this is the "cbs morning news." travellers are welcoming the idea. this is the "cbs morning news." this portion of t this portion of the "cbs morning news" is sponsored by international delight coffee creamer. delight in the season. creamer. delight in the season. [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! every day we're working to evand to keep our commitments.s! and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here.
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in texas a chain reaction crash. an out-of-control suv slammed into a van, which hit another van at a gas station. then the suv struck a pump, which burst into flames. two good samaritans pulled the unconscious driver from the vehicle. police say she had a medical emergency behind the wheel. she was treated for minor injuries. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, in-flight cell phone calls may soon become a reality, and curbing antibiotics in the meats that we eat. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, wendy.
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>> good morning, anne-marie. the food and drug administration is cracking down on antibiotics used to make livestock bigger. the agency announced new guidelines wednesday to phase out the drugs over the next three years. doctors are worried that people who eat meat are susceptible to so-called super bugs. >> it's really focusing on those antibiotics that are important in human medicine and reducing the likelihood that these causing bacteria become resistant to these anti-buy ott ilks and therefore are no longer effective in treating people. >> reporter: the program is voluntary, but the fda says two big drugmakers have agreed to follow the guidelines. nikkei fell off 4% hitting a one-week low. hong kong's hang seng dropped half a percent. a bad day on wall street. they're afraid the budget deal could cause the fed to scale back its stimulus package.
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the markets suffered their biggest loss in five weeks. the dow plummeted 129 points. the nasdaq fell 56 points. the s.e.c. begin fcc begin on whether to lift the ban using cell phones on airplanes, but passengers already don't like it. according to a new "associated press" poll, half of the americans are against it. those who have flown more have worth it. they say it's worse. they're afraid they're going to get stuck into a one-sided conversation at 35,000 feet. movie mogul bob and harvey weinstein are suing time warner. they're owed profits from the second and third hobbit films. the second one opens tomorrow. in 1998 the weinstein is sold the rights to the tolkien books and time warner says they don't owe the weinsteins anything. >> bob barker, come on down. it's his birthday. he'll be back. this is the second time he's
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been on the show since he retired six years ago. anne-marie? >> he's looking good. once you have it, i guess you never lose it. >> exactly. >> wendy gillette at the new york stock exchange. thank you, wendy. straight ahead, your thursday morning weather. and in sports, one of the nfl's biggest stars is told to take a seat. why the redskins are benching robert griffin iii for the rest of the season. stars is told to take a seat. why the redskins are benching robert griffin iii for the rest of the season. romyalgia... thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain. for some, as early as the first week of treatment. now, i can do more with the ones i love. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, mostly sunny. 28 the high though. miami, some clouds, but 82 the high. partly cloudy in chicago. partly sunny in dallas and in los angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. the lake-effect snow will keep falling in upstate new york. several more inches are expected. it will be cold in the midwest and the northeast. a few inches of snow will fall around the great lakes. the west and south will be dry, and parts of florida will be warm with temperatures around 80. and treacherous conditions in western new york. the lake effect dumped more than 2 feet in some areas. in one town whiteout conditions forced the may yore to issue a travel ban. he even pulled snow plows off the street. it got so bad parts of i-90 were shut down for over an hour. in sports a tumultuous
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season has appeared to come to an end for washington redskins' robert griffin iii. mike shanahan has announced richard griffin iii will be d deactivated for the team's final three regular season games. griffin who suffered a major knee injury at the end of last season has taken a beating of late, getting sacked 24 times during washington's five-game losing streak. shanahan said he based the decision on keeping rg3 healthy for off-season work. >> i'd be the most disappointed guy in myself if he played and it set him off for a second or third year in a row with no off-season program. that would be devastating to him as well as the organization. >> reporter: shanahan said the owner dan snyder approved of the decision. but he's making move as a ploy to get himself fired from the three and ten team.
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when we return, another look at the top three stories and we'll take you to the scene where the nevada family survived being stranded for days in the cold. female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®.
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went wrong in the moments be asiana flight 214 crash land at s- f-o -- and the mistakes mad the aftermath. it doesn't look like much -y the offers are rolling in f this burnt out shell of a h and the bizarre story of a interpreter at nelson mand's memorial service gets more strange. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's thursday,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., will be mostly sunny today. atlanta, mostly sunny as well. and sunshine in st. louis and denver. but seattle will be cloudy with a high of 44. the family that survived two nights in the freezing mountains of nevada should all be back at home today. the mother and one child were released from the hospital yesterday. they were rescued tuesday in lovelock, northeast of reno. paul nelson of our reno affiliate ktvn spoke to the children's grandfather. >> this is what he kept them warm with, you know. like this is the rock. >> reporter: this is what jay glanton used to heat his family's makeshift shelter, his overturns jeep, putting hot rocks in a pipe and placing it inside the truck.
4:21 am
>> he knew what he was doing and he did a good job. i'm proud of him. that was my grandkids, you know, and my daughter. >> reporter: he built a fire in subzero temperatures, sometimes reaching 20 below. >> he did good. i mean he took the spare tire off and burned it, you know. you can see it melted pretty nice r a group of ten guys came back to the place where his daughter and four grandkids were found. they were able to flip the jeep back onto its feet and get it started. a small victory compared to the one where all six arrived safely at pershing hospital. >> they got a hug tape and here comes my granddaughter around the side of the ambulance, chloe. it's like papa, papa. >> reporter: of course, two nights around the campfire will take its toll. >> they smelled like smoke and i go this is the best smell i've ever smelled. >> reporter: the family was exposed to dehee duration. none had frostbite.
4:22 am
doctors say they're in great health consider what they went through. >> i'm ecstatic. i personally know some members of his family. it's amazing how they did. >> reporter: murphy denmark said the whole family is doing great, especially the kids, who are active and happy. >> usually families are not as resourceful as this family and they don't resource to these measures to stay warm. i mean the children when they came in all had normal temperatures. >> that was ktvn's paul nelson reporting. now, rescuers were able to locate the family by tracking a cell phone signal. and a washington, d.c., woman had to claw her way out of a bathroom. on friday karen perrin was working late in her office. she went to the bathroom and when she tried to leave, the door was locked, and she didn't have her cell phone. perrin, who's claustrophobic, spent eight hours trying to escape. eventually she found a rogge and dug her way through the wall to get her hand through and open the door. coming up on "cbs this
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morning," paul ryan on the budget deal. i'm anne-marie green and this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ 4 lightning bolts ♪ 3 creepy gnomes ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ that kind of freaks me out [ beep ] [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans, you can even watch us get it there. and look for our limited edition holiday stamps. you ca♪ even watch us get it there. hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything.
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and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. the house is expected to vote today on a compromised budget deal that averts a government shutdown for two years. the measure is expected to pass despite criticism from ultra conservative house members and groups that raise money for them. house speaker john boehner said the groups are being ridiculous. and a cooling pump on the international space station has malfunctioned. there is no immediate danger to the six crew members, but some of the station's nonessential equipment, including research gear, has been shut down. the vatican calls the honor a sign. pope francis had been named "time" magazine's man of the year. dean reynolds looks at the man who's turning around the catholic church. >> reporter: pope francis has
4:26 am
been a big and affectionate leader since pope benedict xvi as water is to wine. the argentinian sees the world as his parish and very publicly follows the preachings of jesus, especially with respect to the poor. we were with him in brazil last july on his first major trip, and there was a widely held view that the church had settled on someone who could relate to the street as well as the scripture. >> it's a marvelous thing to see. he's caught the imagination of the world. >> reporter: cardinal francis george of chicago voted in the conclave that elected francis. >> when you were sitting there in the sistine chapel, were you looking for someone like him? >> looking for someone who could govern and someone who had heart for the poor. >> and he's turned out the way you want. >> that and a lot more. >> reporter: but there is the pope's tone. he said of gays, who am i to judge. of a poor woman seeking abortion, who can remain unmoved. nor is it necessary, he said, to
4:27 am
talk about those issues all the time. liberal catholics worry he's all talk and no action. conservatives are afraid doctrinal change will follow the talk. university of notre dame theologian candida moss. >> the pontiff is sort of running the risk of alienating two die a metrically opposed groups, and what that suggests is he's probably a moderate. >> reporter: it's a nine-month papacy that could last years. >> how big a deal is it to have a pope that's changed the conversation change. >> it has changed. we no longer have every written story about the scandal in the catholic church. >> reporter: this pope's first christmas present to the world's 1.2 billion catholics. dean reynolds, cbs new, chicago. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest from capitol hill on the budget vote expected today in the house.
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we'll speak with congressman paul ryan. plus the case of the dealer's whine. a dealer who made millions selling fake bottles of vintage. and legendary game show host bob barker returns to "the price is write. it's his birthday. happy birthday, bob. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's thursday thursday, december 12, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. 4:30 nearly. >> we're following breaking news in contra costa county. all lanes are now open after a big rig crash on eastbound
4:30 am
interstate 80 in pinole. traffic was crawling past the accident as fire crews doused the tractor-trailer with water and also fire retardant. around 2:30 a crash occurred between two cars and a big rig near the pinole valley road exit. the impact caused the big rig to collide into the center divider before it burst into flames. a chp officer says no one was injured. okay. let's check in with liz now. i guess all the lanes are open, but you may be busy. >> they just opened lanes 3 minutes ago at 4:25. so we're not seeing any big delays any longer. for a while they had two of the left lanes closed. we were seeing minor delays but hopefully all the activity is off to the right-hand shoulder and with just minor injuries. it looks like we're good to go on westbound and eastbound 80. >> skies looking good around the bay area still cold in spots, freeze warnings in the north bay valleys, down to the 20s there again but 30s and 40s elsewhere and warmer


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